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The Public Works Department's mission is to serve the residents of Haverford Township. Public Works is the largest work force in Haverford Township and is made up of a number of subdivisions that keep the Township running.

Haverford Township Community Recycling Center

The Haverford Township Community Recycling Center is located on Hilltop Road near the intersection of Old West Chester Pike. There you'll find two dumpsters clearly marked cardboard; one dumpster clearly marked for both paper and cardboard; and one dumpster for glass, cans and plastics. If the dumpsters are full, please do not leave your materials at the site. Please do not leave any other materials or debris at this location. From West Chester Pike, take Old West Chester Pike and make a left onto Hilltop Road. Then, follow signs for the Recycling Center.


The Highway Division maintains 132 miles of
Township roads. In the winter, the Highway division is responsible for the brining, salt and plowing of
these roads in addition to 33 miles of state roads.
In the fall, the Highway Division is responsible
for curbside leaf collection.


The Sanitation Division is responsible for the collection and disposal of trash,
recycling and brush from each home on designated pickup days.

Shade Tree:

The Shade Tree Division is responsible for
the removal and trimming of all trees in the
Township right-of-way.

Paint and Sign:

The Paint and Sign Division makes, installs, repairs and replaces all of the street and traffic signs throughout the
Township, including crosswalks and traffic markers on Township roads.

Sewer: The Sewer Division is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the Township storm and sanitary sewer systems. Approximately 149 miles of sewer system piping is maintained by this division.
Vehicle/Fleet Maintenance: The Vehicle/Fleet Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining the operational efficiency of all Township vehicles and construction equipment.
Facilities: The Facilities Division is responsible for maintaining and planning improvements of township owned-buildings and property (except for parks which are maintained by the Parks Maintenance division of the Parks & Recreation Department)

BOC Icon Brush Collection Information

Communities that apply for recycling grants are being required to initiate curbside leaf and yard waste recycling programs or risk losing grant money that the Township earns by recycling glass, plastic, aluminum, steel cans, and newspaper. The amount of grant money awarded will not increase from leaf and brush collection.

Brush Collection:
  • Brush and branches - Branches and brush must not be more than one-and-a-half inches in diameter and must be less than 3 feet long.
  • All brush must be in trash cans that can be easily lifted (less than 40lbs). Plastic bags CANNOT be used and WILL NOT be collected.
  • Brush must be at your collection point by 6:30 AM.
Acceptable Materials:
Unacceptable Materials:
BOC Icon Permit Information

Permits must be obtained from the Public Works Department for sidewalks, curbs, driveway aprons, excavations and street openings, outdoor dining permits (if only in the right of way), and dumpster/pods in the street.

Contact through email to for application

Permit Fees:
  • Sidewalk, Curb, Driveway Apron: $50.00 per 50 linear ft.
  • Dumpster or Pod: $80.00 for the first day and $10.00 each additional day.
  • Outdoor Dining Permits (if only in the public right of way): $20.00
    (Outdoor dining upon a public right of way is permitted from April 1st to October 31st only)
  • BOC Icon Snow Removal Information

    The Public Works Department is responsible for clearing approximately 166 miles of roadways in the Township during winter storms. Throughout winter storms, crews are out before, during and after snow begins to fall to pretreat, clear and spread materials. Since the snow removal process is time-consuming and expensive, the Township utilizes brine and other materials to pre-treat roadways before storms and quickly works to clear roads of snow and ice once a storm begins. When a winter storm is predicted to include a measurable amount of snow, the Township will treat the storm as a plowing event. The primary function of the Public Works crews is plowing and the Township’s goal is to first open one lane of traffic in each direction on every road, then return and plow the snow back to the curb, exposing the storm inlets.

    Clearing Streets and Sidewalks

    Property owners are responsible for clearing snow, sleet and ice from the sidewalks in front of their property within 24 hours after a storm and must at all times keep said sidewalks free and clear of snow, slush and ice. Under Section 157-33 of the Haverford Township Code, it is unlawful for any property owner, resident, contractor, agent or employee to shovel, plow, discharge or otherwise place snow removed from a private property into any street, roadway, sidewalk or alley within Haverford Township. This ordinance is strictly enforced.

    Snow Emergency Routes

    Under Section 175-59 of the Haverford Township Code, parking is prohibited on certain streets after the Township has declared a snow emergency. After any such emergency shall have been declared, it shall be unlawful, during the period of such emergency, for any person to park a motor vehicle or tractor, or to allow the same to remain parked, on any highway or portion thereof described in Schedule XXIII (§ 175-98), or to operate any motor vehicle or tractor on any such highway or portion thereof, unless such vehicle or tractor shall be equipped with adequate equipment to provide sufficient traction to keep such vehicle or tractor in motion so that other traffic on such highways will not be blocked or seriously impeded. Snow Emergency Routes in Haverford Township: (from last Snow Emergency declaration document)

    Name of Highway Side Location
    Ardmore Avenue Both Between County Line Road and Darby Road
    Brookline Boulevard Both From Darby Road to a point 500 feet east thereof
    Burmont Road Both Entire length
    College Avenue Both Entire length
    Colonial Road Both Entire length
    County Line Road Both Haverford Road to Old Lancaster Road
    Coopertown Road Both Entire length
    Darby Road Both Entire length
    Darby Creek Road Both Lawrence Road to Marple
    Eagle Road Both Entire length
    Earlington Road Both Entire length
    Ellis Road Both From Lawrence Road to Ardmore Avenue
    Glendale Road Both Entire length
    Haverford Road Both Entire length
    Karakung Drive Both Entire length
    Landover Road Both Entire length
    Lancaster Avenue Both Old Buck to Old Lancaster
    Lawrence Road Both Between Eagle Road and West Chester Pike
    Manoa Road Both Entire length
    Marple Road Both Entire length
    Mill Road Between Earlington Road and Darby Road
    North Drexel Avenue Both Steel Rd to Township Line
    Radnor Road Both Darby Road to Radnor Township Line
    Steel Road Both Eagle to Burmont Road
    Township Line Road Both Entire length
    West Chester Pike Both Entire length
    Wynnewood Road Both Entire length

    BOC Icon Trash and Recycling Information

    DOs & DON'Ts of Haverford Township Trash and Recycling
  • DO - Trash and Recycling containers must be 50 gallons or less with a 40 lb. max limit
  • New residents can obtain a complimentary recycling bin within 6 months of their move-in date. Additional or replacement recycling bins can be purchased at the Township Administration Building and delivered to your home. Residents can also obtain recycling stickers from the Township to place on trash cans.
  • To receive your free recycling bin, please call our Public Works Department @ 610-446-1000 ext. 2263 or 2264 or email at

  • DO - Grass clippings can go out in your regular trash collection. These clippings can either be in a plastic bag or placed into a trash can.
  • You can also mulch your grass clipings into the lawn or properly composted with "brown" organics.

  • DO - Flatten your cardboard boxes and tie into bundles. Just make sure each bundle weighs less than 40 lbs and is no more then 3 feet wide.

  • DO - Check out the Township's bulk trash pickup information and online payment page to schedule an appointment, when you should take your items out to the curb (and when not to!), the price, and more.

  • DO - Call if you have any questions or do not know your pickup schedule. You can call the Public Works Department (610) 446-1000 ext. 2263.

  • DO NOT - Put items containing refrigerants (humidifiers, refrigerators, water coolers, air conditioners, etc.) out for regular trash. Releasing Freon and other refrigerants into the air is a federal offense.
  • DO - Arrange for the township to pick up these items by scheduling a bulk trash pick up
  • DO - Attend a Township Large E-Waste Event which is free for residents and does require sign up! (check back here for the link for future events)
  • DO - Check out PECO who offers rebates for working refrigerators.

  • DO NOT - Put household latex paint into the regular trash. If you have latex paint, please call Public Works for more information and to schedule a pickup at (610) 446-1000 ext. 2264 or 2263. * NOTE: Paint must be dried out prior to pickup

  • Additional Information

    Public Works Department Contact Information

  • by phone, 610-446-1000, ext. 2263 or 2264
  • by email:
  • Trash and Recycling Pickup:

  • Areas to the NORTH and WEST of Eagle Road have trash pickup on Tuesdays and Thursdays, recycling pickup on Thursdays.

  • Tuesday/Thursday Trash Schedule

  • Areas to the SOUTH and EAST of Eagle Road have trash pickup on Wednesdays and Fridays, recycling pickup on Fridays.

  • Wednesday/Friday Trash Schedule
  • Documentation