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Crime prevention cannot be achieved by the police alone. Professional law enforcement officers must work hand-in-hand with the public to fight crime and neighborhood disorder throughout our communities. So, we depend heavily on your assistance in reporting crimes to the police.

The Haverford Township Police Department has recognized the need for an effective way for the citizens of Haverford Township, to report their observations about suspicious / unusual behavior of individuals in our community. However, we understand that there may be times people do not wish to call the police with their concerns, knowledge or information they may have about a particular crime or ongoing criminal activity, for fear of being identified as the source of information leading to police response.

The Haverford Township Police encourages citizens to take an active part in making their community a safer place to live and work. In order for a community to be safer there must be a partnership between the community and the Police. To this end we have created this tip line to allow you to communicate with the police to provide assistance in making Haverford Township a better and safer community.

The Haverford Township Police Department has dedicated a telephone line to be used as an anonymous tip line. This tip line is a non-Caller ID line connected to an answering machine. Callers are encouraged to leave as much detailed information including, names, addresses, vehicle license plates, descriptions of vehicles, and description of the suspicious activities. All information is confidential and is used to develop new cases or confirm cases already being investigated.

Rewards may be offered for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of individuals in certain cases. Callers will be asked to create a code-word as a means to allow callers to remain anonymous yet still be able to collect any rewards available. Callers should keep this code-word private and not be shared with ANYONE. If you have additional information you may call the Tip Line back and provide the same code word. All tips eligible for rewards will be paid in an anonymous process. Individuals who wish to find out the status of there tip or information on any rewards offered must call Investigations at 610-853-1298 ext. 1205 and be able to provide the proper code-word to receive any information.

Callers who would like a follow up call from the Police Department may provide contact information if so desired. This information will be kept Confidential.

Callers are encouraged to leave information about any narcotic activities, or other public safety concerns. Small stickers will be made listing the tip line telephone number (610) 853-9213 and will be distributed to all local schools and other businesses.

Comcast cable system will be running an advertisement on a local cable access channel, advertising the tip line and the number to call. The tip line will also be advertised in the Haverford Press, News of Delaware County, Daily Times and other local papers.

Residents are reminded that this Tip-Line should not be used to report emergencies or crimes in progress.

To report an emergency or crime in progress Dial 911