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BOC Icon What is the Comprehensive Plan?

In Pennsylvania, the Comprehensive Plan establishes a vision for future growth and development in a municipality. Among other things, it outlines challenges facing the community, identifies potential solutions, and provides guidance to appointed and elected officials on community planning-related decisions, including parks & recreation facilities.

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Before going any further, let us be clear about two things:

1. The DRAFT Comprehensive Plan does not recommend demolishing, relocating or otherwise displacing any business, institution or resident of Haverford Township

2. Even if the Comprehensive Plan recommended a future change to the zoning of any properties, lawful uses of individual properties at the date of the change, if approved, may continue as “nonconforming” so long as they remain otherwise lawful, including subsequent sales of the property.

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Additional Information

Commissioner Ad Hoc Committee:

  • Gerry Hart
  • Larry Holmes
  • Kevin McCloskey
  • Steering Committee:

  • Brian Barrett
  • Angelo Capuzzi
  • Kathy Case
  • Don Kelly
  • Richard Kerr
  • Kelly Kirk
  • Documentation

    Development and Conservation

    Haverford Seeks Public Input on Future Development and Conservation

    HT Comp Plan Press Release for meetings on Sept 22 & 28th, 2021

    HT Draft Comp Plan Draft Power Point Presentation

    Power Point Presentation from 09/28/2021 Workshop

    HT Draft Comprehensive Plan Powerpoint

    2022-Presentation from 06/09 Planning Commission Meeting