decorative icon Haverford Township Business Revitalization and Modernization Matching Grant Program American Rescue Plan Act Funded

Haverford Township is pleased to introduce the Business Revitalization and Modernization Matching Grant Program. This competitive matching grant program offers awards of between $10,000 - $25,000 to businesses or commercial property owners to promote economic growth and development in Haverford Township. A total of $200,000 in funding is available.
During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses were forced to make difficult decisions that significantly impacted their bottom line and future development. This matching grant may cover expenses related to renovating interior business and dining areas, improving exterior façade and outdoor seating spaces, purchasing and/or installing energy-efficient equipment, or implementing technology upgrades to enhance online purchasing and customer engagement. By supporting these improvements, the Township aims to help local businesses attract more customers, increase revenue, and remain competitive.
Through this program, businesses will be expected to make a full and complete initial capital investment in their project, seventy-five percent (75%) of which will ultimately be reimbursed by the Township if approved. The business or commercial property owner is expected to pay twenty-five percent (25%) of the costs associated with the project. Grants awarded will be a minimum of $10,000 and a maximum of $25,000. The total cost of the project must be at least $13,333 to receive the minimum $10,000 from the Township; likewise, the application will need to spend at least $33,333 to receive the full $25,000 reimbursement by the Township.
Funds for this program are provided to Haverford Township by the federal government through the American Rescue Plan Act to support economic development in Haverford Township. The program administrator on behalf of the Township of Haverford is the nonprofit organization, Discover Haverford.

 decorative iconEligibility

• Applicant must be a for-profit business headquartered in Haverford Township and operational as of January 1, 2023 with gross receipts as reported on its most recently filed Haverford Township Business Privilege/Mercantile return of no less than $25,000 and no more than $2,000,000
• If applying for grant funds to make modifications to a property not owned by the applicant, written permission from the property owner is required
• Applicant business must have a current Haverford Township business license and be current on any business privilege, mercantile, local services, township property tax, sewer and/or trash fees, if applicable, through the date of application
• Lack of business tax and local service tax compliance will delay and/or remove the application from consideration entirely. Please contact the Township’s appointed collector, TriState Financial Group at 610-270-9520 BEFORE submitting your application to verify tax compliance
• Project must be consistent with all applicable municipal ordinances
• Contractors must be properly licensed in Haverford Township, if applicable

 decorative iconApplication Process

Applications will be accepted beginning January 15, 2024 through February 16, 2024 at 4:00 p.m. Completed applications can be submitted via email to the attention of Jeanne Angell at Discover Haverford at or mailed to the Discover Haverford office at 412 Darby Road, Havertown, PA 19083 (Please note: we cannot be held accountable for lost/delayed mail if using the U.S. Postal Service. The application must be received by February 16, 2024 at 4:00p.m.). Only completed applications will be considered. If the applicant needs to submit the application in person, please contact Jeanne Angell at 610-945-5822 to set up a time to drop it off.
A completed application shall include the following items:
1. Completed application cover sheet
2. Completed grant application providing detailed information about the intended use of the funds and how the grant monies will be utilized to grow and/or promote both the business enterprise as well as the general economic development of Haverford Township. The application should include “before” photos if the project includes physical improvements or alterations to the business. Applicants will be scored using a rubric developed by the Grants Committee and utilizing the Scoring Considerations described below.
3. Applicant’s last completed 12-month operating Profit & Loss statement in prior 12-month period prior to application. Award recommendations will be presented to the Board of Commissioners for consideration at its March 11, 2024 meeting. Discover Haverford, in coordination with the Township, will issue an official Award Letter to successful applicants. Project work can begin only after receipt of the Award Letter.

 decorative iconGrants Committee

A Grants Committee will be established to review the project proposal(s) and recommend grant awards. The Grants Committee will be composed of seven (7) members. This committee will develop a scoring rubric to score applications based on the Scoring Considerations outlined in the section below. The Grants Committee will include the scoring rubric with the grant application materials. Committee members will be required to abstain from scoring an application if a conflict of interest is identified. A conflict of interest exists when a committee member is unable to make an unbiased decision regarding the application because of their relationship to the applicant and/or business entity.
In the event of an abstention, the applicant’s score will be based on the average of the other submitted scores. The Grants Committee shall consider the program’s intent to produce a list of recommended awardees which will be presented to the Board of Commissioners for approval.
The Grants Committee will include:
• Two representatives from Discover Haverford
• One representative from Haverford Township Finance Department
• One representative from Haverford Township Department of Codes Enforcement
• One representative from the Township Commissioners’ Economic Development Committee
• One representative from Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association
• One representative from Visit Delco

 decorative iconIncomplete/Ineligible Submissions

If an application for this program is deemed to be ineligible or incomplete, Discover Haverford shall notify the applicant within five (5) business days of submission of any issues pertaining to the application that renders it ineligible or incomplete. The applicant will have until the stated deadline of February 16, 2024 at 4:00 p.m. to remedy any items and re-submit a revised application.

 decorative iconReimbursement Process & Reporting Requirements

The approved matching grant will be paid directly by Haverford Township upon certification by Discover Haverford of successful completion of the project in accordance with the approved project plan. Projects must be completed and reimbursement requests must be submitted within six (6) months of the Award Letter.
Applicant must submit the following to Discover Haverford to qualify for reimbursement:
1. Photographic or other visual evidence of the completed project
2. One page explanation of how the funds were used and how they have or will support the business and the economic vitality of Haverford Township.
3. Copies of final invoices signed and marked paid
4. Proof of payment in the form of cancelled checks or credit card statements. Cash payments for work or materials are not acceptable.
5. Written explanation of any material differences between the final project costs and the proposed plan and estimates.
If an extension is needed, a written request must be submitted to the Grants Committee prior to the six-month deadline. Please note that extensions will be granted sparingly and only in exceptional circumstances.
Reimbursement awards will be paid within 30 days of submitted request with all the required documentation listed above.
Failure to submit all required documentation within six (6) months (or by the approved extension deadline) may result in the grant offer being rescinded.
The Township reserves the right to immediately terminate a grant when necessary, such as in instances of potential fraud or other criminal activity.
A grant may also be terminated, partially or totally, by the recipient. If the recipient decides it cannot achieve the outcomes proposed, the recipient may advise the Township in writing and return any unused funds within thirty (30) days of termination.

 decorative iconScoring Considerations

These considerations serve as general guidance for the Grants Committee in developing a scoring rubric from which the applicants will be objectively scored. (Please note that applicants do not need to meet all criteria to successfully secure a grant.)
• Does the applicant demonstrate a financial need? To what extent did the COVID-19 pandemic harm their business?
• To what extent will the proposed project help their business recover from the pandemic and/or innovatively respond to a new business need created by the pandemic?
• How impactful will this project be for the business, business district and/or the community?
• Does the applicant clearly define the intended use of grant funds?
• Does the applicant’s project appear to be a creative or effective way to grow and promote its business, product, or service line?
• From an operational standpoint, does the applicant convey that it is ready and capable of executing its plan for use of funds?
• From applicant’s financial information, does the business appear to be financially viable in the long-term?
• Does the applicant’s business, product line, or service add to the variety of business or service offerings in the Township?
• Will the applicant’s project help attract visitors to Haverford Township?
• Does the applicant’s project add to the service provided to its customers?
• Is the applicant’s narrative a well-written and effective communication piece?

 decorative iconScoring Considerations

Additional Notes For more information or assistance, please contact Discover Haverford’s Executive Director, Jeanne Angell, at (610) 945-5822 or via email at If you have any questions regarding the business tax, local services tax license or status of business tax/local services tax filings, please contact Tri-State Financial Group at 610-270-9520.